Claiming Against Your Work Employer

Thousands of compensation claim against employers are filed every year in the UK but only a  few of them actually receive proper legal addressing. Filing a lawsuit against an employer isn’t enough unless the employee has comprehensive knowledge of his/her employment rights. Your compensation claim against the employer can only be provided with adequate legal attention if you are capable of providing a court of law with adequate evidence that the actions of your employer stands in antithesis with the employment rights.

My employment rights as an employee:

  • That declaration of the  capacity to avail these rights will be provided to the employee within two months of joining
  • That taking paternity and maternity leaves and pay are allowed
  • That sufficient time off will be granted so that taking proper care of dependents becomes possible
  • That right to be eligible for flexible working time is granted
  • That right against unfairly dismissal is delivered
  • That protection against unauthorized payment deduction has been given
  • That protection against unlawful discrimination in terms of race, sex, age, religion and disability is given
  • That protection is provided against legal rights delivered by health and safety law under the HSE guidance

Once you decide to establish a compensation claim lawsuit against your employer, your arguments should be supported by the evidence that over any of the above-mentioned grounds, the rights of your employment has been violated and it has lead to some amount of loss or breach of civil rights and the same would make you eligible for reimbursement.

According to the legal norms prescribed by the HSE, every worker is eligible to receive complete protection of their physical and psychological health and if evidence is found after due investigation that some injury has been caused due to employer’s negligence or incompetence, the victim will be compensated according to magnitude of the injury. The latest data provided by the HSE also shows that more than 1.2 million people have suffered certain forms of physical or psychological injuries and the same has significantly affected overall productivity of the country. In order to improve the condition, more sincerity is expected from employers. The main objective of such legal imposition is to make owners understand gravity of the situation, not to mention the empathy with which they are expected to treat their own employees.

Details that I need to Claim Compensation against an Employer:

  • Time: It is important to ensure that the compensation lawsuit is filed within 180 days or 6 months from the day when the unfortunate incident occurred. Take help of a qualified solicitor who may help you to collect the necessary information, establish the case and estimate the total compensation amount. You may receive a 300 days extension if the charge is attended by local laws.
  • Information: Please make sure that the court receives your correct name, address and contact number along with name and contact details of the employer/s. Your claim should also contain details of the incident and the date when your rights were violated.
  • Damage: Provide the court with sufficient information on the type of damage you have suffered from and how it has affected you, as well as others closely associated with you.
  • Estimated Compensation Amount: With the help of your solicitor let the court of law know about an estimated compensation amount that may support you in overcoming the unfortunate situation.

Clearly, it is quite difficult to complete the entire legal procedure for claiming against your employer without an expert’s assistance. We may provide perfect solution to the problem by allowing you to contact a qualified solicitor. Professionals working with us are highly qualified and perfectly capable of pointing at the employer’s liability, the main reason behind your suffrage. You will receive our quality service at a very competitive rate, not to mention the constant, empathetic assistance which will make the journey towards establishing the righteous claim, an easy one.

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